First Lutheran Church Council 2018


PRESIDENT:                          Ray Bergles           
VICE PRESIDENT: Cathy Runty   Jodi Barnhart Johanna Hager
SECRETARY: Brian Hofer   Roger Bengtson Brian Hofer
TREASURER: Rollin Setterdahl   Ray Bergles Peter Johnson
      Nancy Cassens Cathy Runty
Cabinet: Ray Bergles   Gary Daniels Rollin Setterdahl
  Cathy Runty   Dawn Ebarb Taylor Wildermuth

Brian Hofer

  Scott Fitzpatrick  
  Rollin Setterdahl      
Pastor Laura Kamprath        
Pastor Matt Kamprath        

Please feel free to contact any Council member with questions about First Lutheran or it's ministries.
The Council meets the third Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. and everyone is welcome to attend.


Ministries Assignments:

  • BUILDING & PROPERTY: Scott Fitzpatrick - Taylor Wildermuth
  • CONGREGATIONAL LIFE: Dawn Ebarb - Taylor Wildermuth
  • EVANGELISM: Gary Daniels
  • FINANCE/STEWARDSHIP: Cathy Runty - Rollin Setterdahl
  • SOCIAL MINISTRY: Nancy Cassens
  • SPIRITUALITY/WELLNESS MINISTRIES: Roger Bengtson - Johanna Hager
  • STEWARDSHIP: Peter Johnson
  • WORSHIP & MUSIC: Jodi Barnhart

Council Minutes:  Meeting of November 19, 2018 & December 10, 2018              


Council Highlights:  December 10 & 17, 2018





Mission Endowment Fund

Did you know…?

Did you know that First Lutheran Church has a Mission Endowment Fund? The purpose of the fund is to enhance the

mission outreach of the congregation. The Mission Endowment Fund Committee is the custodian of the Fund. Currently, the Committee members are Mike Slaymaker (Chair), Cindy Groene (recording secretary), Bill Nelson, Cathy Runty, and Megan Wildemuth, with Pastor Laura as an advisory member. We meet regularly to monitor the activity of the Fund and to disburse the income. The earnings are distributed for outreach in the community and the synod, including seminaries and colleges, social service agencies, and special programs; missions of the ELCA, domestic and international; and capital improvements

or debt reduction here at First. Most recently, disbursements have been made to support the The Gary Wollersheim Rostered Leaders Educational Debt Retirement Fund, The Polly Wollersheim Fund for Literacy and Education – Arcot Lutheran Church, India, and Another Child Foundation.

There are two ways we are encouraging the congregation to get involved in the work of the Mission Endowment Fund.

1. Request a grant. If you know of a ministry that needs our support, let us know!

A grant request form is now available by clicking on the link below or in the church office.

Mission Endowment Application for Funds

2. Make a gift to increase the principal of the Fund. By increasing the principal of the Fund,

you are investing in the future of the congregation and trusting that God can use your gifts for

years to come. You can even remember First Lutheran Church in your will with a gift for the

Mission Endowment Fund.

Talk with a member of the committee if you are interested in learning more about either of these opportunities!




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